Telephone Systems

IP Telephony

Hosted VoIP, also known as IP telephony is the routing of voice conversations over the internet through any other IP-based network.

Converse Telecom work with a number of key partners to offer our Clients a range of hosted telephony solutions for both small and large organisations.

The main benefits of Hosted IP telephony;

  • More professional call handling for your customers – It is now easy to transfer calls, to see who is available to answer, to set calling groups and to personalise or amend your greetings and other options. No more memorising *#7! Just follow the prompts on your new IP Phone screen or on your PC. This helps you provide better customer service and/or a more professional approach to answering your customer calls.
  • A simpler and more “mobile” solution with real business continuity benefits – Whether in the remote office or at home, your staff can access the same personalised telephone features and settings as per your main site. Your employees can ‘take’ their phone numbers wherever they work from and still feel ‘just like in the office’.
  • Future-proof system and features – With Communicator, you benefit from all the advanced telephony features often associated with large organisations. Not only does this positively reflect on your image, internally and externally, but it also helps you maximise your telephony
  • investments.
  • Reduced telephone costs – All costs between your company offices and/or with your home workers are free. You can also benefit from our lower calling costs for ‘regular’ calls across the UK.
  • Lower cost of ownership – With Communicator, there is no major capital outlay and no maintenance or system programming costs.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our presales technical team on 08000 884444 to discuss the
benefits of Hosted IP telephony in more detail.