Video Conferencing

Did you know that people learn twice as much in face-to-face meetings as in voice-only conversations? And that more than half (about 55%) of the impact of visual communication comes from facial expressions and body language (with only 38% coming from vocal inflection)?

Work more productively and efficiently face-to-face with anyone, wherever they are, using Polycom HD Telepresence and Video solutions.

Polycom HD Telepresence and Video solutions are easy to incorporate into your normal business workflows thanks to Polycom's open standards-based approach, our innovative software, and the Polycom ecosystem of hundreds of partners, working together to ensure the interoperability of multi-vendor solutions.

This is critical for your organization because ease-of-use drives adoption which in turn drives ROI.

Converse are proud to partner with Polycom for a state of the art video conferencing solution