Conference Calling


On Demand Multi Media Conferencing

Meet with colleagues and customers from remote locations in your own multimedia virtual meeting room, without ever leaving your office!

Converse Meeting Center fully integrates voice, web and desktop video conferencing into one easy to use interface, where voice and video are fully synched  - giving you the ideal alternative to a face-to-face meeting.

Conference Calling

This user-friendly service integrates with your standard business tools to give you the easiest and fastest access to meetings.  Simply use point and click commands to start a meeting with up to 125 participants.  All you need is a computer, internet and a phone!

Converse Meeting Center can help you to:

  • Start and join online meetings by clicking directly from your Outlook, Lotus Notes or Instant Messenger.
  • Share applications right from your desktop.
  • Create Surveys, Quizzes and conduct Polls.
  • Launch desktop video at any time during your meeting.


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