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Call recording can be a huge asset to your business and is now a very affordable solution, making it accessible to all sizes and types of organisations.  You can record and retrieve calls easily, with user-friendly interfaces, giving you powerful information at your fingertips, which you can use to: improve your business processes, avoid and resolve disputes, as well as comply with FSA and PCI regulation.





The benefits:

With today's user-friendly and affordable technology, more and more organisations across all vertical industries are using call recording solutions to deliver real benefits.  It isn't just relevant to Financial Services companies, who have to record calls for FSA and PCI compliance, call recording can deliver a wide range of benefits, whatever business you are in.

Monitor quality – You can enhance your interactions with your customers by reviewing calls made by customer-facing teams.  You can ensure you are delivering high quality customer interactions throughout the customer life-cycle.

Improve performance – By assessing phone calls you can identify where any training needs lie and plan appropriate training sessions and staff development.  In terms of your sales team, it can help to identify top performers and where changes can be made to telesales techniques to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Avoid disputes - Call recording can also help you to avoid any possible disputes from happening.  By recording all telephone orders or discussions you can quickly confirm back to the customer what was agreed via email.  This ensures that everyone is clear on the transaction and a happy customer can be retained for the future.

Resolve disputes – With instant access to telephone conversations that have taken place you have the ability to resolve disputes, which can help you reduce any losses you would have incurred.

Share – you can share conference calls and online meetings with business colleagues.


Who should be using it:

Any organisation that deals with customers and suppliers over the phone can benefit from call recording.  Whether you are a large company with a call centre, an SME, or a doctor's surgery, you can benefit from call recording. How will you use it? These case studies will give you an idea of how it can be used to deliver tangible benefits. CCL Vehicle Rentals, Nationwide Transport Breakdown Services, Marina & Grove Doctor's Surgery, West Quay Cars (Taxi industry).


How it works:

Converse Telecom is proud to be an accredited reseller of the award-winning call recording solution from Oak. 

RecordX is a unified call recording solution that can record calls on any type of lines including analogue, digital lines (ISDN2 and ISDN30) as well as SIP trunks, mobile and VoIP. 

The flexibility and scalability of this solution makes it viable and beneficial for every business or organisation. 

You can:

• Easily access calls, using web based technology, from anywhere where you have a network connection.  You can then share recorded calls, extract parts of calls and send via email, you can even send recordings of conference calls to all parties, so there is no need to take minutes.

• Search for telephone conversations using easy, real word, search terms such as 'order' 'complaint', 'sale', etc.  This makes it easy to assess quality and performance of your calls.

• Integrate with call management software and CRM solutions, to fully integrate it into your business analysis and improve your business processes.


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