Call Logging

In today’s volatile economic climate, it is essential to ensure that costs are under control with regards to your ongoing telecoms expenditure. Converse Telecoms Call Logging and Call Management solutions can provide your business with a full and detailed report on all inbound and outbound call traffic. This information can be broken down into a number of areas to provide specific detail on areas such as:

  • Analysis of where your inbound enquiries are coming from
  • Incoming call trends / busy periods to ensure you have sufficient staff available at the relevant times
  • How efficient are your telephone lines, i.e. are there too few or too many currently in place
  • How many calls are individual members of staff making, and how much are they costing you
  • How long are your calls taking to be answered
  • Which are your most expensive calls / destinations

The above is a summary of just a small percentage of the type of information that can be automatically generated by installing a call management system, however bespoke reports can be generated by yourselves to allow you to drill down to specific call data which can then be programmed to be automatically emailed to you on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.