Disaster Recovery

Most organisations tend to place the emphasis on their data when creating disaster recovery plans, which often means that business communications infrastructure can be overlooked.  It is critical in this service driven world to have constant communication with customers, suppliers and staff at all times – which means it is vital to have a plan that can restore your phone service in the event of a disaster or as part of your Office Relocation Business Continuity Planning.  Unforeseen natural disasters like floods or heavy snow are not the only circumstances that can affect your business, other factors such as fires, power cuts, downed trees or even the accidental cutting of a cable in your area, could disrupt your operations.

What will be the cost of losing your phones?

If you lose your phones for an hour, a day, a week...what would that do to your bottom line?  If you rely on phones for your business, then you could be putting your business as risk by not having a back up for your critical lines.

How to deliver the same level of service to customers in the event of a disaster

Depending on your type of business there are a number of options available to you.  You can opt for a basic call diversion service or a fully customer controlled web interface which allows you to divert specific numbers to destinations on demand.  Converse Telecom can offer the right disaster recovery service to meet your specific needs.  

Download our Inbound Services fact sheet for information on managing all your inbound calls.

 For guidance on setting up a Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan, download our checklist.