What is Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband is the ability to access the internet at Broadband speeds when out of the home or office. Through a small modem device that fits into a laptop, a netbook with the modem built-in or even a mobile phone plugged into the laptop/PC, customers can access the internet wherever they have a connection.

Vodafone sure signal
Vodafone Sure Signal is the simple effective solution for home-workers, giving enhanced 3G coverage so that they can work and communicate as if they were in the office. We need to make it clear that this is a home-worker solution, suitable for DSL network connections and is NOT suitable for office environments with more complex networks. A business grade device will be developed over the forthcoming months to be used in this situation.

How does it work
It plugs into a standard broadband router through an Ethernet cable (not over Wi-Fi)

It has an Access Control List (ACL) to ensure no unauthorised access is possible. A

maximum of 32 Vodafone mobile phones can be registered to the box and allow up

to 4 mobile voice calls simultaneously with a 3G handset.

Immediate resolution of home-worker coverage problems so more staff can work flexibly from home Home-workers can take full advantage of Vodafone’s high speed 3G network when working at home

No more dependency on fixed line phones and the hassle of reimbursing business calls made from personal fixed line phones at home.

What is Tethering?
Tethering is a method for configuring computers (typically, laptops) with wireless access to the Internet using a cell phone as a modem