Business intelligence


By giving your workforce access to applications that deliver information and enable collaboration whilst they are out in the field, means that you can operate smarter in this competitive environment.  Through adopting an agile and mobile environment for your organisation, you can streamline your processes   – helping you to save on costs.


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The generic benefits:

Better decision making – having the right and detailed information for people out in the field.

Faster decisions – Having the right information at the right time can enable you to be more responsive to customers' needs.

Shortened cycles – closing the gap between the office and those out in the field can shorten your process cycles significantly.

Reduced costs – synchronising with the office via your mobile app removes the need to keep returning to the office to do paperwork, which can reduce costs  in terms of time, admin, paper, post and fuel.

Accuracy – ensuring field personnel are using the same processes.


Customised apps can deliver the real benefits:

Through our partners, we offer leading business intelligence and knowledge management platforms that truly mobilise your organisation.  By creating unique mobile business apps for your processes you can potentially save thousands of pounds every year.  With today's technology, customised apps are available for smartphones or pdas, using cloud technology.  You can get customised mobile apps now with no capital outlay, but on a subscription basis.   Crimson Tide has written a white paper on Mobilising the Enterprise, looking at how traditional software models are being replaced with more agile solutions, which are enabling organisations to make the most of their mobility solutions.


How it works:

• Your staff will be able to complete your company-specific forms on mobile devices whilst out in the field.

• All data captured on the device automatically and wirelessly synchronises back to the main server, hosted in the cloud.

• You have access to powerful job scheduling, alerting and reporting tools.  This removes the need of staff to drive back and forth between the office with job completion forms, saving you thousands on your fuel, paper, post and admin charges, as well as enabling staff to be more productive.


Who should be using mobile business applications?

Due to the versatility and visible benefits of these customised apps they are suitable for a wide range of fields, including retails, cleaning audits, asset tracking, management of patients self-administering medication in their own homes.  Really, any organisation that relies on real0time data from the field will benefit.


The next steps:

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Download 'Mobilising the Enterprise' white paper from Crimson Tide

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Download our fact sheet – detailed information on how business intelligence and knowledge management platforms work and their benefits.

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