Calls and Lines

We can offer you the best choice of call solutions

Converse Telecom can offer a wide range of calls and lines packages that are designed to meet your communication needs.  You may need a complex multi-site solution, or a simple analog line, whatever your requirements, we are here to help.


We can offer you one of the best solutions in the market as we deal with the leading tier one carriers, ensuring that you can have the call quality you want, whether your call is local or international.  We offer very competitive rates and we will look at where we can save you money, both initially and ongoing, via our reporting tools.


Our package includes:

  • Tier One carriers to ensure the best quality calls
  • Per second billing – you only pay for what you use
  • No minimum call rates
  • No call set up fees
  • Regular tariff reviews
  • Detailed call reporting

We offer a free audit facility whereby we can analyse your call and line bills showing you where any potential savings can be made via a detailed report.  Let's talk.  Call us today to see how we can work together to drive down your costs.  Whether you need to install new lines or you want to transfer your existing services, we can handle everything for you, ensuring a simple and seamless transition.


Inbound calls

  • You have the ability to manage your calls by accessing the inbound platform via a web portal.  You can:
  • port your telephone number, whether non geographic (0800/0845) or geographic (0207/0208/01784 etc) and manage it via a web portal.You can set up a number of call plan options and change the call routing for your main number.

The Inbound platform also has a number of additional features that be purchased on a monthly basis:

  • Detailed call statistics
  • Call recording
  • Call queuing in the cloud
  • Automated attendant in the cloud
  • Voice mail in the cloud

For friendly advice you can trust, please call the Converse network team on 0800 088 4444