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Going abroad? 


International Roaming Guide for Vodafone and O2 networks

Before you leave the UK and travel abroad, it is important to think about what you'll need your device for.  Will you need to look at email or the internet?  Will you need to make and receive calls or even access your voicemail?

If you need email and other data services, we can help advise on which networks you should try and roam on to once abroad, as some networks only support voice.

Please try and let us know if you're travelling.  Its useful to know where you are going and for how long as we can advise on any bolt on's which might help you keep your costs down.

If you are going to need to access your voice mail, you will need to set it up prior to leaving the UK. 

Vodafone users

1.Dial 191 from your handset and then select 4 and 2.  

2.To access voicemail once abroad, dial +447836121121. 

O2 users

1. Activate voicemail by calling 1750
2. Dial 1780 to receive a Voicemail Retrieval Number (VRN). To do this whilst aboard call +447802090100
3. The VRN will be read out and sent by text
4. To pick up messages, dial the VRN when overseas In some countries a personal greeting will remain. If so, key * then the Voicemail 901 four digit PIN code (the default PIN is 8705) and then press 2 to access messages.  Callers can leave messages directly in Voicemail 901 mailbox by dialling the VRN (they'll then only be charged for a UK call).

To divert all calls to Voicemail 901 either use the mobiles menu or key *21*901# and send. All calls will then be answered by Voicemail 901, to cancel this service key ##21# send.