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The benefits of business mobile apps

Which apps are right for you?

With so many generic apps and custom-made apps available for business, how do you know which ones are right for you?  You need to concentrate on those that will improve your process quality, which will ultimately enable you to operate better in an intensely competitive environment.


Integrating real-time information can greatly improve your productivity

Where you have a need for integrating real-time information into your processes, this is where you can vastly improve the quality of them.  Each industry has its own requirements and apps can be developed that can be useful to each vertical or custom-made for individual companies.  However, there are some generic advantages to adopting business apps:

Better decision making: Having the right information available to you whilst out in the field can be crucial to making the right decision.  To close a sale face-to-face it would be beneficial to have the right materials available there and then or working out what products to cross-sell to an existing customer. 

Faster decisions: Having the right information at the right time can increase your responsiveness to your customers' needs.  For example, you can provide instant quotes based on an individual's needs.

Shortened cycles: By closing the gap between the office and those out in the field you can shorten process cycles significantly.  For example, if you are a mobile technician, you receive your next job which is pushed out automatically to your smartphone, you can see where you should be and what parts you need.  Upon completion of the job you can take the customer's signature, synchronise wirelessly and an invoice is automatically raised.

Reduced costs: By removing the necessity to keep returning to the office to take back paperwork, etc, you can significantly reduce costs in terms of admin, paper, post and fuel costs.

Accuracy: You can make sure that the information you are collecting via your app is accurate and that all field personnel are submitting consistent information throughout the company.


Ways in which apps can increase productivity:

  • Accessing documents
  • Taking payments
  • Signing documentation
  • Real-time information
  • Updating social networks
  • Travel information
  • News
  • Dictation and voice recognition

Converse Telecom is experienced at working with businesses, both large and small, to get the most out of their mobile workforce. 

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